Are food labels lying to us?

I was getting some breakfast cereal the other day and because I'm sad I decided on which one I wanted by looking at the nutritional values of each (usually I have porridge or meat for breakfast but today was just cereal).

As I looked through the cornflakes, crunchy nut and cookie crisp I noticed something strange about the coloured food labels

When looking at the nutrient values in the corner of the boxes (in this case fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt) they are all given a green, orange or red rating, supposedly making it easy for us to know which is the healthier option. 

This should be an easy way for us to pick a healthier option.

As I looked at 2 of the boxes side by side one of them had an orange label for fat. The other had a green label for fat.

So, if I hadn't looked any further into this I would assume the one with the green label was lower in fat.

However, this was not the case.

The box with the orange label contained 1.3g of fat per 30g of cereal whereas the box with the green label had 2.9g of fat per 30g of cereal.

That is more than twice as much. 

Also, both had a green label for saturated fat even though one contained over 4 times as much as the other.

It just goes to show you have to check more than just the coloured labels when buying your food, otherwise it you could be making a bad choice when trying to eat healthily.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with having fat in your diet but it shows how you shouldn't just glance at the food labels and pick one because it's green.