Are Healthy Fats Real?

Don't believe you can have unlimited "healthy" fat

The other week I went to the Five Guys burger restaurant near where I live (no I'm afraid this isn't a post saying everyone should eat burgers and fries to be healthy) .

I had a great meal and knew it was just a one off treat for me and my girlfriend since the rest of the time we eat so well.

The next day I told my friends how I had enjoyed my first Five Guys burger and especially enjoyed the fries.

One of my friends says "The fries there are healthy aren't they?"

I asked him why he would think that these fries are healthy, when most people know that fries in general are not healthy.

He replies "because they are fried in peanut oil and that's a healthy oil".

It is still fat

This is the huge problem we have with the amount of information we have access to online.

Yes I would choose peanut oil over some other oils since it is high in monounsaturated fat ("healthy" fat).

This does not mean you can eat as much as you like though.

The fries are still deep fried in fat filled, calorie dense oil.

It is till processed food so is never that great for our bodies.

Fat is essential for our diets so we should never cut it out but it also contains, per gram, more than twice the amount of calories we would get from carbohydrates or protein.

This means that using lots of oil will increase our calories dramatically and therefore hinder or even reverse any weight loss.

Measure your intake

It is easy to overeat fat so make sure to measure out the amount of oil you use to cook, instead of throwing in a guesstimated amount.

You might surprise yourself with how little you need. 1 teaspoon of oil can contain 40 calories. Imagine if you don't measure it and use 5 times this much.

That's almost like eating a Mars Bar with your meal.

Never think that because something is described as "healthy" that it can be eaten without limit.

Five Guys