Most people go to the gym regularly to try keep fit and usually to improve their current physiques. So, they turn up to the gym, do their usual routine and that’s it.

The only problem with this is that most people never change their routine. Coming regularly and doing the same workout will work at first but then it will slowly become less effective. To keep making improvements you must increase the intensity in some way.

Lots of people are guilty of only using the treadmill or bikes since they know how it works. Doing something different doesn't have to be scary and it can make a massive improvement on what you are currently doing. 

Increase Intensity

If you are on a treadmill, you can increase the intensity by increasing the speed the treadmill is going, the level of incline or by going for longer than you usually do. If you are doing weights, you can increase the intensity by increasing the weight, slowing your reps down, having less rest between exercises and doing more reps or more sets.

Increasing the intensity in some way will make the workout harder, which will mean your body is challenged. This means it will have to adapt to the new challenge and improve.

You could also change what you are doing during your gym routine. So instead of doing 30 minutes of cardio, why not try do a small bodyweight circuit for 15 minutes and then some resistance training (weights) for 15 minutes. If this is something that you are not used to it means the body will have to try adapt meaning you will improve your fitness and see changes in your body composition.

Make your Workout Harder

The main thing we are trying to achieve here is making our workouts harder. This doesn’t necessarily mean making them any longer. Being able to do more work in the same amount of time is going to put the body under stress, which causes change. If you keep increasing the length of your gym session you will end up living at the gym. Doing lots of long sessions could put you off going to the gym regularly which is the opposite of what we want. Changing up your program regularly is another way of maintaining a good level of motivation since you’ll be doing something new and interesting.

Changing it too much

As much as it is great to change program so your progress doesn’t plateau, we have to make sure we stick at the plan we have in place for a reasonable amount of time. Between 2-3 months is the ideal length a good program should be. Then after this it can be changed to keep progress continually.

If you are regularly going to the gym then that is the hardest part done with. Now you just have to change your routine, increase the intensity and keep at it and the progress will come.