Apple Cider Vinegar is getting a lot of hype at the minute.

Celebrities like Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian are claiming this miracle juice is keeping them slim and allows the fat to just fall off.

How much easier could it be than drinking a spoonful of vinegar every day?

However, are we getting the full story?

Can apple cider vinegar help with weight loss?

Or is it just a myth used to try sell the stuff that, without these claims, no one would otherwise buy?

It’s Too Easy

As the saying goes “If something seems too good to be true it usually is” and this applies to a lot of products to do with weight loss.

All these are examples of weight loss products which are over-hyped and don’t actually do all that much.

They usually don’t work that well apart from possibly starving you so you lose a little weight.

So why do we buy them?

Well, we are attracted by the idea that weight loss can be so easy.

Popping a pill every morning or drinking a special concoction and losing weight without any effort seems like a win-win.

We ignore the fact that weight loss is a long-term process and takes some effort and changes that must be maintained for a long time.

Instead, the '6-minute abs' and '7-day detoxes' make us think we can lose 2 stone by next Tuesday.

And that is similar to Apple Cider Vinegar.

To me most of these claims are just marketing the product so it sells.

The real benefits behind it are most likely minimal.

However, that is just my opinion.

If you have had massive success with any of these things that’s great.

But usually the results come from something else you have changed.

For example, drinking apple cider vinegar first thing on a morning may make you think about having a healthy breakfast, instead of grabbing an all-day-breakfast sandwich on your way to work.

This could help you lose weight since you are consuming less calories but it’s not because of the vinegar.

What Does Apple Cider Vinegar Actually Do?

There are supposedly some benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

However, these studies were often done on rats or very small groups of people so aren’t completely reliable.

It reduces blood sugar levels

Drinking apple cider vinegar could reduce your blood sugar levels.

It is meant to increase the liver and muscles ability to take up sugar, which means less should be stored as fat.

The same effect can be achieved by eating food high in fibre (usually vegetables) which would also fill you up much more.

Suppresses Appetite

Having a suppressed appetite could mean you eat less throughout the day.

But do you need to drink apple cider vinegar for this?

Smoking does the same thing to us too…

Instead of doing either of those, eating good quality foods which are high in protein and high in fibre can fill you up and reduce snacking and help you feel full.

That means you’ll consume less calories without having to supress your appetite.

Burns Body Fat

This vinegar is said to increase your metabolism and so help burn more fat.

Yet fat can only be burnt when we are in a calorie deficit.

So if you’re sat eating cakes and thinking that apple cider vinegar will still make you skinny, think again.

Have You Tried It?

I have tried apple cider vinegar but it wasn’t for any other reason than to spice up a salad.

I haven’t had it every day to see whether it works to burn fat and keep your appetite under control.

However this women’s health article is a great read if you want some real proof of someone using it.

They reported it not affecting their appetite, not making them feel any different and them not losing any weight over a whole month.

So for me, that shows it doesn’t work.

I am trying to be fair and show both sides to these ‘weight-loss’ products.

But seriously there is no replacement for eating better and doing more.

And if it does work…

If these super easy, no work needed weight loss solutions worked…

…everyone would be skinny.

So that’s proof that they don’t work.

Even if they did work, losing weight isn’t the only thing you need to do.

Losing weight won’t make you lean.

You can weigh less but still be fat.

Exercise needs to be included to maintain and build muscle mass, otherwise the weight you are losing could be your muscle tone too.

Overall, there is no stupidly easy way to lose weight.

It requires you to make some changes to what you eat and what you do.

It can still be simple, but not always easy.

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