We live in a modern world where most people have a smartphone on them 24/7.

It’s worrying that they can track almost everything we do.

But why don’t we use that to our advantage.

There are plenty of apps to help you get fit by showing you what you’re doing well and when you could be doing more.

They can help you exercise more, sleep better and improve your eating habits all through your phone.

It’s almost like having a mini me in your pocket, helping you lose weight and get fitter all day long.

So, what are the best apps we can use and how do they help?

1) MyFitnessPal

This is my number one app for anyone wanting to lose some weight and improve their health massively.

It’s not fun or exciting and can take some work, but it very quickly pays off.

MyFitnessPal is used to log and track what you eat and drink every day.

It has the nutritional value for every food you can imagine.

Depending on your height, weight and goals for either losing or maintaining weight, it will calculate the number of calories you need to be eating.

From there, you can log what you eat, and it will tell you which foods are possibly causing you problems with losing weight.

This app is going to be a massive help to get you fit.

It can be hard work at first logging everything you eat, but most foods do have a barcode, so it is quite easy to scan the exact products your using.

Plus, once you have been using it a while, you’ll start logging the same foods over and over, so you don’t have to measure and add them individually any more.

It can be hard work, but it will help you to see if you are overeating or even undereating and what foods are not helping you get rid of your belly.

2) Couch to 5k

This famous app is the perfect way for any fitness newbie to get started.

It is a brilliant way to get you out jogging without making you pound the pavement for hours on end.

With alternate walking and running phases it isn’t intimidating and is easy to get you started.

As the jogging sections slowly get longer and longer, you’re getting fitter gradually without jumping in the deep end with a 10-mile run.

With an easy to use app, it can be so simple and easy to get started jogging.

Mixing up walking and running means you’re getting out and exercising, without having to push yourself exceptionally hard the first time you go out.

Also, you’re not going to be aching too much, since your body will get used to the small increases every week.

Plus, the structure it gives you with exercising means it can easily fit into your life and means you’re more likely to keep it up.

3) Jefit

Looking for the perfect gym buddy who tracks exactly what you do and how you are improving?

Jefit is the perfect app for creating, finding and logging your workouts.

It tracks the weight, reps and sets of everything you do in the gym.

Also, it allows you to track body measurements, weight and progress photos.

That means it does absolutely everything to help you track and manage your fitness in the gym.

This is definitely my top app to get you fit as it is easy to use and perfect for tracking everything you need when working out.

It has free workouts which others have created and you have a small image of how to do every single exercise.

However, it is only any good if you go to the gym.

4) Runtastic

Looking for an app to just track your fitness, whatever you are doing?

Runtastic is a great app to use if you regularly go jogging (and you have already used the couch to 5k).

Also, very useful if you are –

  • cycling

  • walking

  • skiing

  • skating

  • snowboarding

  • and even sailing

Whatever you are doing, your phone can track you doing it and record how you did and how many calories you burned.

It’s brilliant for tracking your runs, showing you were you went and see if you’re getting quicker.

Also, you can see where others run, which can mean you can go on new routes and keep your runs fresh and interesting.

Plus, showing the picture of where you have been on your jog is great for bragging rights.

Apps to help you get fit more easily

The reason these apps are great at getting you fit because they are useful.

You can keep them in your pocket and use them all day long.

They make fitness easier!

If you download them and start using them, they can improve your fitness…

…for free.

Try them out, see which works for you and they can help get you fit.

Top Apps to help you get fit