Living in the age of instant access to the internet, google and social media like Facebook and Instagram is an amazing place to be.

However, it can also be a confusing place to live when it comes to fitness and how to lose weight.

The biggest influencers that get paid the most to push products also get the most people to take them up on their offers.

Yet these influencers are in no way educated or qualified to give any advice on the best (or safest) way to lose weight.

The reign of celebrity “fitness pros” is causing people to think the quick fix shake diets, detox and sometimes literally starving yourself is the way to lose weight and keep it off for the general public.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all.

Not only does it cost you time and money, but it can also cost you your health and leave you in a worse position than when you started.

Instagram is full of adverts

Do you think Jessica Ennis has amazing financial knowledge?

Or does Usain Bolt have a telecommunications degree?

Most of the time the adverts we see have celebrities in that have nothing much to do with that area.

There is nothing really wrong with that until it comes to something which will affect your health.

Kim Kardashian is in no way (as far as I know) qualified in exercise, nutrition and weight loss - yet she is advertising and selling products for all of these things.

She may have a good body.

However, a lot of that is because:

  1. It can be paid for

  2. She isn’t working a normal 9-5 so has plenty more time to train

  3. Probably has personal chefs creating her the best quality meals

All of this means looking good and keeping the weight off is not a real struggle.

Yet when she advertises a ‘magic weight-loss shake diet’ suddenly everyone thinks this is the secret to her looking the way she does.

And what is worse is that she will make money from everyone following her advice (with a pretty low success rate).

Kim K isn’t the only one doing this.

There are thousands of people using this to make money on products that don’t really help solve the problem.

Just because they look great and are holding a shaker, juice diet, workout plan, [insert fitness item here] it doesn’t mean that is the main reason for their success.

It’s usually the same as Celebrity DVDs.

They have not got in shape from just doing two 7-minute workouts a week.

Instead, they have worked hard with the best in the business with nutritionists and personal trainers to make a massive improvement.

Then they put it all down to this workout DVD… just doesn’t add up.

I’m sorry this all sounds so pessimistic but it is giving everyone false hope (and possibly even having a negative effect on their health).

So let’s look at some of the Celeb diets and see if they work.

Celebrity Diet Plans

5:2 Diet

So the 5:2 diet has been used by people such as Beyonce.

However is it right for you?

First off, are you happy starving yourself two days a week?

If so, then maybe it would work for you.

The 5:2 diet is about eating normally for 5 days of the week and 2 days you eat under 600 calories.

Eating 600 calories is like one small meal - and that’s all you get for two whole days.

Will it help you lose weight? 

Well, it depends on what your 5 “normal” days look like.

4000 calories a day and two 600 calorie days will still lead to weight gain for most people.

If you eat a sensible 2000-2500 calories than yes it probably will help you lose weight, but how long can you realistically keep it up?

Could you eat under 600 calories for over 100 days of the year?

Well, that's how many days you would have to do it on this diet.

There is also not much evidence on whether eating so little every few days is actually good for us, or if it could be harming us even more.

Juice/ Shake Diets

Yes, it may seem so easy, just drink these shakes in place of your meals and you will lose weight.

And hey, it works too.

However, it is just another form of starving yourself - and it isn’t sustainable.

Can you really live the rest of your life not eating real food and just having shakes?

Yet there are celebrities everywhere posing with there shaker bottles claiming that is the only thing they needed to succeed.

Not only do these shakes not promote a healthy lifestyle, but they could actually be dangerous.

Just think, how can a liquid shake provide everything you need in place of vegetables, meat and fruit?


I am not going to spend much time on detoxes.

I will only say this… will some green tea outweigh that pizza you had on Thursday, donner kebab you had Saturday and Burger King you had on Sunday?


I have spoken about the Keto diet before and how it possibly can work for some people.

If you don’t really like pasta, bread or any kind of carbs it may be that it’s a great way to start losing weight.

However, the massive downside that it is very restrictive.

You’re not even allowed to eat many vegetables and practically no fruit (which kind of goes against what I try to teach).

Plus it means your diet is full of fat and you without carbs you’re not getting a good source of energy.

That is why some people have reported foggy headaches and low energy levels.

Your diet shouldn’t make you feel worse if anything it should make you feel better alongside the weight loss it helps you with.

Restricting yourself from carbs will reduce your daily calories (although if you eat too much fat you will still gain weight) so it could be a good way at helping you lose weight if you overeat them.

However, completely removing them from your diet is just going to make you crave them more.

Don’t listen to them

My advice would be not to listen to anyone pushing a certain product or weight loss plan.

Anything they can make money on is probably going to be slightly less trustworthy.

Obviously I offer my services as a personal trainer however, I put up posts like this to show the reality of what it will take to reach your goals.

I don’t like to lead people in with the promise of a quick fix, help them lose 5 pounds in a week and then leave them to put it all back on again.

I am not better than anyone else, I just have a more realistic view on how it will pan out.

Unfortunately realistic is not what sells best.

Quick weight loss, abs and easy exercises make people think it can be done without any effort and that is what they all buy into.

It’s just going to cause more pain.

The celebrities have worked hard to get where they are but to sell something they tell you it was a walk in the park.

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