If you are struggling to lose weight, nine times out of ten it’s because of what you are eating.

And I’ll be truthful, that is the hardest part of losing weight.

If you’re eating foods which sabotage your diet regularly, then the scales are only going to go up.

It’s difficult to resist food and temptation when it’s there.

So why not control your eating environment and therefore control your weight loss?

I’m going to show you the 5 simplest ways you can change what is around you and help you help yourself to stop helping yourself.

If you control your environment, you are in control of what you eat and so you control your weight.

1 – Take your own food to work

Office Snacks

It seems that when you are in the office, there is always a birthday, holiday or any other reason that means the desks end up filled with crisps and chocolates.

And that’s where most people’s down fall is.

When it’s there it is almost impossible to resist…

…especially if you don’t already have your own supply of food.

How much easier would it be to resist all the sweet treats and snacks if you could pull out your own healthy snack and enjoy that instead of sabotaging your diet.

Immediately when you see everyone else eating the rubbish, think how it will benefit you to just snack on some fruit instead.

Yes, it seems boring, but it’s doing something as simple as this that will get results.

People may question while you’re not eating the food like everyone else, but soon they will be asking how you did it.

Sort your lunch

Another easy way to improve what you eat at work is making sure you prepare your lunch.

If you have a healthy lunch in your bag, you’re less likely to go to out for any food or visit the food van.

That is going to instantly reduce the number of calories you consume almost every day.

If you eat 300 calories less per day just by bringing your own lunch, that could easily save you 1500 calories a week.

That could mean you lose half a pound a week.

And preparing your lunch doesn’t have to be difficult, all it takes is for you to plan.

You can easily –

  • Make extra tea and save it for your lunch

  • Cook a week’s’ worth of lunches on the weekend (only takes around an hour)

  • Make big batches of soup which you can take to work everyday

Having healthy lunches at work everyday is a simple way to reduce calories and improve your diet.

Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will build the right attitude towards food.

2 – Clean out your cupboards

Healthy home means healthy you

Once you get home and sit down on that sofa, the day seems at an end.

Yet your eating may not be.

Suddenly you get an urge to check the cupboards and the next thing you know you’re surrounded by empty crisp packets and biscuit crumbs.

It is just too easy to snack and eat rubbish foods when they are there.

If you didn’t have any biscuits in and you just want a couple in the evening, you are not going to bother to go to the shop for them, are you?

But if those biscuits are in your cupboard, those couple of biscuits you wanted becomes a couple of packets.

So, the simplest solution is to not have them there.

To control your eating environment, you must get rid of the foods you are going to keep on eating.

Once they are not there, you can’t eat them.

So, empty your cupboard of all the rubbish you know you shouldn’t be eating, and it will make it so much easier to resist temptation by not having it in front of you.

No matter how much you crave them, if they are not close by, it’s much easier to resist having any.

Not having a packet of crisps or a few biscuits every night could easily save you hundreds of calories every week.

This is an extremely simple way to control your environment for weight loss.

3 – Educate yourself on Meals Out

Know the menu

Checking the menu before you go means you can choose what you are going to have and not then end up being tempted by any other high calorie meal.

This is a way in which you can still going out for meals and enjoy your weekends but control your eating environment at the same time.

If you look up the meals beforehand, they often have the calorie values alongside them.
This way you can choose a lower calorie meal and minimise any damage a meal out may cause.

If you choose before you go out, this will also stop you from making a bad choice when you get there.

If you check the menu when you’re full of energy early in the day, you are likely to make a better choice than after a day at work when you’re craving some fatty foods.

If the menu doesn’t have the calories on it, make a sensible and educated choice.

Half a rack of ribs will be less calories than a full rack and try swap out your chips for vegetables.

Obviously, a meal out is a chance to enjoy yourself, but you can still enjoy it while eating good food.

4 – What about when it’s hard to control your environment?

Be Prepared

Look we are all going to end up in a situation where there is nowhere to turn but the nearest maccies.

But if you are prepared this doesn’t need to happen.

If you know you are going to be late home, or you’ll be stuck out somewhere, make sure you bring food and snacks to stop you going towards the fast food.

If you are not prepared that is when all your healthy eating goes out of the window.

Choose the best bad foods

So, if all else fails what can we do?

Well we must bite the bullet and eat some food which isn’t going to help us lose weight.

Whether it be a party buffet or the Burger King being the only place to eat, there is always a better bad food you can choose.

At a buffet aim for sandwiches and any salad instead of heaps of sausage rolls and puddings.

At a fast food restaurant go for a wrap or salad instead of a double XL burger with extra cheese.

There may not be a load of healthy food available, but you can always make a healthier choice.

5 – Get Support from everyone

What better way to control your environment than to have your friends and family supporting you as well?

Even if your environment is bad, friends and family can be there to support you anyway, and to try convince you not to eat that box of celebrations.

If you get everyone around you involved it can make life much easier.

They will stop offering you bad foods if they know you are trying to make an effort.

Having supportive people around you will give you the encouragement you might need to stop yourself and make a difference.

The main person who needs to know is your partner.

Once they know, they can help you in cooking healthy meals, making sure there are no bad foods in the house and making extra food for you to take as a healthy lunch.

The more people around you who know and support you, the easier it will be.

Plus, once people know, you won’t want to let them down.

Control your Environment

These 5 simple steps mean you can start controlling your environment which will help you eat better and lose weight.

Although it is quite simple, it can be difficult to follow, which is why it is good to get your friends and family’s support to help you.

But the main points are to be prepared so you always have healthy food on hand and reduce the temptations around you.

That way you are not letting your environment control you.

Control your environment for weight loss