Now I could stand here and tell you all day about how great exercise is and how it is essential to losing weight.

Along with a good diet where you aren’t eating too little, or too much, exercise should help us get results.

It seems obvious…

…since we need to burn more calories than we consume, more exercise must help us lose weight right?

Yet I’m sure you’ve heard people say, or even experienced yourself, that exercise usually slows down weight loss or stops it completely.

I’ve even heard people saying that their Slimming World teachers have said the same.

So, does exercise actually help you lose weight?

Exercise Has Tons of Health Benefits

In my books, exercise is one of the best forms of medicine and stress relief there is.

Not only does it reduce your risk of many debilitating diseases it also improves your mental health and helps you unwind.

Regular exercise plays a huge role in extending our lives and helping us stay mobile and independent for the duration.

For me this is definitely one of the most important benefits of exercise.

I want to be around as long as possible and still able to do as much as possible.

Why Doesn’t It Help Us Lose Weight Then?

This is the problem with your thinking and what you have been told.

Exercise will help you lose weight.

It has been proven time and time again that, along with a good diet, anyone can lose weight with exercise.

What do you think of doing when you want to lose weight?

Change what you eat and be more active.

And there is a reason these things come into your head…

…because they work.

If you are already losing weight without much exercise that is great.

And I would understand that if you suddenly stop losing weight once you start exercising, you may think it doesn’t work.

But if you consistently exercise and keep eating the same amount you will keep losing weight.

The key point there is that you need to eat the same amount.

If you start exercising and then eating a lot more to make up for it, that’s why you are not losing weight.

Aim for Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

It isn’t all about weight loss!

Seriously it isn’t as important as people make out.

There are much better ways to measure our progress. 

The problem is, weight is so easy to measure and that’s why most of us let the scales define us.

But fat loss is more important for improving our body composition and our health.

If you just lose weight (without exercising) you will also be losing muscle.

Muscle is what makes us look toned and firm.

If you just lose weight (without exercise), you’ll just end up a smaller version of your current self, rather than becoming leaner.

So we should instead aim to burn fat and maintain muscle, rather than just losing weight.

This is probably another reason as to why people think they aren’t losing weight when they start exercising.

They are losing weight but not as much as they are used to.

This is because the exercise is now helping them maintain (and maybe even build) our muscle mass.

The more muscle mass we maintain, the more toned we will look and the healthier we will be, but the scales will say we have lost less weight.

Exercise Actually Does Help You Lose Weight

We need to realise and understand that exercise may slow down our weight loss from the scales point of view.

However, it will actually help us lose inches and look leaner.

It’s not all about what is says on the scales, instead it’s about how we feel and what we think of ourselves.

You could lose tons of weight, but if you lose muscle while doing it, you will end up feeling weak, tired and it will cause mobility issues later on.

Instead, be fit, healthy and happy but just know you might not get to the weight you were aiming for.

Exercise does help you lose weight.

And once you get to the weight and size you want to be, exercise will help you keep in shape, boost your mood and allow for some extra treats and cheats in your diet.

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