Do you treat your body right?

Are you supplying yourself with fuel which is nutritious, filling and that you can actually enjoy?

Do you realise that what you eat has a massive impact on how you feel?

Think about how you feel after that greasy takeaway…

Yeah, we all enjoy it as we demolish a huge pizza and then finish off by stuffing ourselves with chips, but give it an hour and how do you feel?

  • Bloated?
  • Thirsty?
  • Maybe even guilty?

Hey, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having a takeaway (we all enjoy them sometimes).

But these feelings we have after them show us how bad food not only affects our bodies, but it affects how we feel.

Instead, we should be eating feel-good food.

We need to eat food which fills us as well us topping us up with everything we need for our body to function right.

Having our bodies run more smoothly and not having the crashes after a sugar high is going to improve our mood too.

So we can eat for happiness as well as for health.

Diet and Depression

An unhealthy diet, maintained for a long time is a huge risk factor for depression.

A study done in 2014 has shown us that there is a strong link between a diet high in sugar and processed foods and depression.

This is why sometimes when we are not eating well, we feel low and in a bad mood.

“We are what we eat”

This expression really rings true.

If you are putting rubbish food into your body, how do you expect to feel?

Think of yourself as a car…

If you used some cheap fuel you got from that dodgy guy down the road, how well do you think your car will run?

So instead, we want to use the premium+ fuel for our bodies: Healthy food

Eating well is going to give us the nutrients our bodies need to run well.

This will mean we end up feeling happier and having more energy.

Sweet Sugar Stress Relief

What if you already feel down and upset?

You need to get that quick feel-good fix.

sugar not a stress reliever

Many people, when stressed, end up looking to the sweetie cupboard to try to cheer themselves up.

Stress causes your body to seek sugar for a quick supply of energy.

Yet this isn’t going to do you any good.

It isn’t surprising people reach for the chocolates and sweets first as all the fat and sugar in them triggers the pleasure sensors in the brain.

Yet this pleasure doesn’t last very long.

Suddenly, you’ll start to come down from your sugar high and now the stress is even worse.

A better way of dealing with stress is to try to relieve yourself of it, instead of grabbing some Haribo.

One great way of reducing your stress is to exercise.

Now, this may not sound like everyone’s ideal way to relieve stress, but I’m not talking about some high-intensity, sweaty workout.

Go out for a walk, follow a short online exercise video or even just stay active by starting some of your daily chores.

There is no need to turn to food when you are all wound up.

Instead, give yourself time to try these 10 stress busters (from the NHS) to get you in a better mood.

More Mindful Eating

Do you use food to distract yourself?

Emotional eating can sometimes take over and lead you to make poor food choices.

This then tends to end up making you feel worse.

Think about what you want…

Are you actually hungry, or are you just worn out?

Do you really want some chocolate, or would some fruit suffice?

Will you feel better filling yourself with sugar, or would you be better off not feeling guilty?

Try to kick these cravings.

Instead, think about what you want to achieve.

Are those sweets going to help you lose a few pounds?

Snacking and eating rubbish is never going to help you reach your goals and get results.

So think about what you want to achieve and use this to help motivate yourself to leave the bad food behind.

You are worth it

Filling yourself with bad food can make it seem as if you are not worth the good stuff.

Don’t put yourself down like that.

Take some time out of your day to rustle up a healthy, homemade, feel-good meal.

Create something you will enjoy, that you feel good for eating and that gives your body the nutrients it needs.

Not only will this help us reach our weight loss goals (which will make us feel good anyway) but it will also give us a more positive attitude and cheers us up.

Plus, from eating better food you feel satisfied- without the bloating- and you’ll have more energy.

What’s more, there will be no sugar crashes or guilty feelings.

Healthy foods

When you hear the words ‘healthy food’ what do you think of?

If you’re imagining plates of rabbit food you are mistaken.

You can enjoy wholesome, filling meals that give you a mood boost as well as tasting great.

Fill your plate with lean meat and vegetables and you are good to go.

If you want to have a salad, then go for it. But make your own instead of having a store-bought one.

Changing what you eat doesn’t have to be difficult but it takes some effort and you need to do it consistently.

We are all going to end up having a quick takeaway or chocolaty snack at some point.

But making sure this isn’t our diet every day is a great way of improving our fitness, health and mood.

Feel good food