Ever feel like you are eating so little but you are still gaining weight.

One common piece of advice for when you’re trying to lose weight is to eat less…

  • Having smaller portions
  • Not snacking between meals
  • Cutting out carbs or fats or whatever the internet tells you

Yet is this helping?

You may find that you are actually still gaining weight.

Yes, eating less should help us lose weight because we are taking in less calories.

But is that the right way to go about it?

Are you eating so little but the number on the scales is still creeping up?

Has your metabolism slowed to a crawl?

What can could cause you to still be gaining weight?

“How can I be eating so little and still gaining weight?”

You will have asked yourself this question hundreds of times if it’s happened to you.

You must be confused, frustrated and angry.

No matter how hard you try and how little you eat, the weight isn’t coming off.

Yet the law of calories in vs calories out can’t be a lie.

If we eat less than we burn we must lose weight.

So why isn’t that working for you?

Do you have a problem with perception?

None of us are usually that great at judging how much we are eating.

It’s very difficult to know how many calories you are consuming just by looking at what is on your plate.

It’s even more difficult when you don’t know what is gone into what you’re eating (that’s why we should avoid processed foods and pre-packaged meals).

It is a struggle to estimate portion sizes and count calories, eyeballing what you eat might not be helping you out.

You might think you have been eating well all week, yet without knowing the calories you have been consuming, you could still be gaining weight without knowing it’s your ‘healthy’ eating that is causing it.

Tracking what you eat on an app such as MyFitnessPal could be the way forwards.

If you use it well, stop guesstimating and log your food accurately, it will give you a good overview of how much you eat every day.

This way you can then see what foods could be disrupting your weight loss progress.

However, tracking your calories isn’t fun and it can take up some time.

But it is a great way to help improve your eye for how many calories your foods contain and will tell you if you are actually overeating still or not.

‘Eating too little’ could be subjective

If you think about it, what does ‘eating too little’ mean?

It really depends on the person.

For example eating too little for me would mean eating around 2000 calories a day, which could be a normal day for the average woman.

It depends on what you mean

It could be…

  • Eating less than usual
  • Eating less than you have been recommended
  • Eating less most days of the week but overeating some days too
  • Eating less at one meal
  • Eating less one day a week

And a whole host of other possibilities.

So it could be true that you are eating less. But is that just on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the rest of the week you eat more?

That’s why you’re gaining weight.

If you eat less at breakfast, it could lead you to more snacking in the morning…

…so you’re gaining weight.

“It must be my metabolism”

Are you really eating less? Are you doing it every day? How about every week?

If so, and your still not losing weight, it must be your metabolism… right?

Well, maybe.

If you are eating less, your body is going to start worrying, as it thinks you are starting to starve.

So it starts conserving energy.

This has causes your body to-

- Burn less calories in digestion (since you’re eating less)

- Your daily physical activity decreases (you have less energy and move less)

Which means your calorie deficit, starts to decrease.

And now when you feel hungry and start to binge on chocolate, it’s going to hit hard.

So why are we trying to eat less?

Is there a way we can eat so we…

…don’t feel full

…don’t lower or metabolism

…still have high energy levels

…and still lose weight?

Don’t eat less, eat better

Instead of eating less, we should aim to eat better quality foods.

If we ate foods which filled us up, while lowering our calorie intake we can still lose weight, without the hunger and loss of energy.

I personally would never recommend that anyone eats less to lose weight.


Because it isn’t a sustainable change to make.

Could you physically eat less food and potentially feel hungry for the rest of your life just to drop a few pounds?

I know I couldn’t.

There is no way you could resist all the treats and temptations around us if your stomach is constantly rumbling.

Yes it may work at first and you get to your ideal weight.

Guess what…

You can’t go back to eating how you did before now.

Otherwise all the weight will pile back on and you’ll probably end up heavier than when you started.

Instead we should make simple healthy swaps, so we can still eat enough food to feel full, yet actually lower the number of calories we are eating.

You could have 300g of vegetables on your plate which would still be less than eating 100g of oven baked chips.

Simple swaps like this could actually mean you end up eating more than normal while still consuming less calories.

Start drinking more water too.

It will help you feel full and stop you drinking fizzy drinks, fruit juice (it’s not very good for you) and even tea and coffee (these aren’t so bad but still contain calories).

There shouldn’t be a reason to reduce how much food you are eating.

But maybe you can make changes as to what you are eating instead.

Want to make more changes?

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small portions eating so little but still gaining weight