Want to change up your fitness routine?

Looking to tone up while losing weight?

Want to boost your fitness without hours in the gym?

No matter who you are, from couch potato to Olympic athlete, these 2 bodyweight exercises are essential.

They will:

  • Boost your fitness
  • Improve your strength
  • Help you tone up

Not only that but they don’t require any equipment.

They are all done simply with your bodyweight.

It’s a great way to break up your regular exercise routine (or help you get into one).

A regular runner? These can help strengthen your legs and give your upper body some attention too.

Are you a cardio addict? You can start building some strength and muscle tone too.

Wanting to start committing to regular exercise but don’t have much time? These exercises can be done anywhere, with no equipment and don’t need to take much time.

These 2 simple bodyweight exercises are for everyone to boost their fitness.

Give them a try and see how you can easily fit these into your busy day.

They can be adapted to your fitness levels, so anyone can give them a go and reap the benefits.

(Sorry about the pictures, my house is full)

1) Press-ups

Press-up bodyweight exercise for upper body
press-up tone bingo wings

Beginner – Wall Press-ups

Intermediate – Kneeling Press-ups

Advanced – Full Press-ups

Press-ups are one of the best exercises for your upper body and even work your core.

They are great for toning up those bingo wings (technical name = triceps) and strengthening your chest and shoulders, which can help you with everyday tasks such as pushing trolleys or pushchairs.

Most people are able to do kneeling press-ups (pictured above) but if you have difficulty getting to the floor then doing them against a wall is fine.

If you are doing the kneeling press-ups and are finding them easy, start to move your knees out further back to make it more difficult. Then eventually you will be able to move onto full press-ups, where only your hands and toes are on the ground.

We want to make sure our shoulders stay over our wrists, so our weight is forwards, making the chest and triceps work harder.

Also, we need to try to make sure our back is flat and never arched, so we protect our spine.

These are a great exercise to boost your fitness and can be done virtually anywhere.

Plus they don’t take up much time so you could easily add them in at various points in your day (I do as many as I can when I wake up on a morning).

2) Squats

squats weight loss thin thighs
squat lower leg tone toning fat loss

Beginner – Partial Squats

Intermediate – Full Squats

Advanced – Weighted Squats or Single-legged squats

Squats are the best lower body exercise... full stop.

They work your bum, thighs and also work your core.

Again, squats need no equipment, minimal room and can be done in a very short space of time.

What we want to watch out for when squatting is allowing our bodyweight to go forwards too much. Instead, we need to try to sit backwards, push your bum out and push through your heels.

To check if you are doing this, make sure you can always see your toes when you are squatting down. Your knees shouldn’t be covering them.

When you first start doing squats, you may find it difficult to go all the way down.

This is just a matter of practice and usually a lack of flexibility.

If you squat regularly you will slowly be able to go deeper and deeper into the technique.

Then if you start finding it too easy you can try holding weights while you squat, or even try doing a one-legged squat (be careful though).

However, this isn’t usually necessary for most people as just doing bodyweight squats will help tone up your legs and bum while getting you out of breath so you’re improving your fitness levels too.

Try other exercises too

There are hundreds of other bodyweight exercises that you could try.

But if I listed them all it would probably over face you and so you end up doing none.

Instead, I am just giving you these two that I believe are essential for anyone, no matter whatever your age, whatever your fitness level and whatever your goals.

Practice them regularly and they will help you lose weight, tone up and boost your fitness levels.

If you want to start doing more bodyweight exercises thats great, don't think these are the only two you need to do.

They don’t take much time and need zero equipment so what’s stopping you?

bodyweight exercises to boost fitness