Ok, I know… this just seems like an advert for the classes I run.

But do you know all the benefits of training in a group and how these classes can really help you?

Obviously, I am biased... but these group training sessions really do work.

Here are 6-key reasons you should join a local exercise class and how group training could help you.

1- Full of Motivation

Hopefully, when you are going to an exercise class, you don’t feel forced to work out.

I know that is what you are there to do but you shouldn’t feel like it is a chore.

Having likeminded people around you will give you the boost you need to keep going.

Plus a bit of healthy competition doesn’t hurt.

Exercise classes should get you going with good music and a good trainer and you will feel compelled to work out and keep going.

The classes should be enjoyable as well as putting you through your paces.

That means you are going to keep pushing yourself and you're less likely to not want to go.

2- Constant Support

Your trainer is there to support you of course.

But also having friends and other people similar to you will help to push you to keep going.

You don’t turn up at the class and just do the exercises and leave.

You’ll talk and listen to others and what they have struggled with or what they have done to have a positive impact on their lives.

You’ll work together and push each other.

Everyone there will encourage you if you are struggling.

Having that support makes you feel safe and helps you to keep going back.

If you went into the gym on your own and weren't sure as to what you should be doing, I doubt you would feel comfortable and wanting to go back regularly.

3- Keep You Accountable

It’s not just you saying that you’ve worked hard enough.

If you are training on your own, who is there to make sure you are working hard?

It's harder to push yourself when training alone.

Whereas, in an exercise class, there are other people there making sure you keep putting in the work.

Not only that, but it's too easy to say you’ll train when you get home and end up never moving off the sofa.

So going to a class and having to perform at your best means you are actually doing the work and so, you will reap the rewards.

Plus if you don’t turn up, people will start to wonder and ask where you were.

Pretty embarrassing when you have to say you couldn’t be bothered.

4- Structured for Results

If you went to the gym by yourself, would you have an idea of what you were going to do?

My guess is that a lot of people turn up, use a few pieces of equipment inefficiently and then leave again.

But if you join an exercise class, you will be lead by a professional fitness instructor or Personal Trainer.

Therefore they will have planned the workout and give it some structure so that you get the most out of the class.

Also, they are there to check your form and make sure you are doing the exercises safely and correctly.

This again will mean that you get more benefit out of the session and reduce your risk of injury.

Structure means you will make progress which generally means you will start getting results, which of course is the main reason you started in the first place.

5- Costs Little Money

Personal Training on your own can be expensive.

£30 an hour upwards means that one session per week would set you back quite a bit of money.

Not only that but there isn’t much room for holidays etc.

If you’ve paid for the session already and have to miss it, that could be a lot of money down the drain.

Instead, with group training, it may still cost you but won’t be such a big deal.

Also, with prices usually at £5-£10 a class, it is a much cheaper alternative…

…and you are still working with a professional.

You don’t get much 1-1 time but a good trainer should still make sure your form is correct and push you to work that bit harder.

Not only that but you are receiving motivation, accountability, support and structure from the class, without the high-ticket price.

These are some of the key components of staying fit and getting results because they all help you stay consistent.

Therefore to pay maybe £6 or £7 to train and get all of this, it is well worth the money.

6- It’s Fun

What is more important than you enjoying exercise?

If you enjoy it and want to go every week, then you will keep doing it.

Exercises classes are usually upbeat and fun.

With a group of good people around you, music and a good trainer, exercise can be made fun.

It’s not all deadly serious and silent like a gym can sometimes be and you’re not training on your own so you can have a laugh with everyone else.

Having fun is key to staying consistent and it will definitely make the time fly by and you’ll start looking forward to next week’s class.

Exercise Classes in East Ardsley

All the points made above are all benefits that exercise classes should provide for their participants.

I also based this post on what I try to offer with my SwiftFit exercise classes.

Not trying to blow my own trumpet, but I believe that my classes are a great way to exercise and also provide all of these benefits to you for a lot less money than with Personal Training.

If you live in the East Ardsley area, I currently offer two classes throughout the week.

>>Check out the classes here<<

There is a simple email sign-up form for you to fill out and then you will receive an email with a link to book onto your first class for FREE.

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