By now you should know how well local exercise classes work.

They are perfect for anyone who -

  • Doesn’t know what they should be doing in the gym

  • Enjoys a workout out with others and kept accountable

  • Benefits from being told what to do and needs the motivation

For all these reasons, exercise classes are perfect.

But how can you get the most out of those classes?

What can you do to improve the results you’re getting and keep up the momentum?

If you have been going to the same class for quite a while, you may feel that progress is stalling.

So here are my 3 tips for exercise class success.

1) Set Small Goals

Setting small goals will help you keep pushing forward.

A good exercise class will include some natural progression, plus the instructor should try to make people work a little harder too.

However, sometimes you may need to set yourself some goals.

Beat yourself

Setting goals to improve is always a battle against yourself.

“Can I do another pushup this week?”

“Will I be able to hold the plank an extra 10 seconds?”

Setting these goals, no matter how little they may seem, are the way to keep progressing.

And constant progression means more and more results.

You want to try to beat yourself week on week and do more, longer and better.

Even if it’s just a few seconds or a few reps, it makes a difference.

Try and fight yourself and keep on winning.

Beat someone else

The other option is to try to beat someone else.

Not that there should be any rivalry in an exercise class as it is a friendly and team environment.

However, a bit of competition is always good.

And it’s not even about beating them.

You can look at someone and say I want to do as many pushups as them.

And now it’s your goal to catch up with them.

Just don’t ever get disheartened or intimidated by anyone else's abilities.

They will have been in your shoes not that long ago.

But setting these little goals will help give you that push to help you get there quicker.

2) Do the best you can

If you are going to an exercise class and not doing the best you can, you will never get results.

It isn’t necessary to be the best or the fittest, but if you try the hardest, you will get the best results.

Get the best technique

Make sure you take on board what your instructor says.

Working in a group means they can’t go round and pinpoint every person’s technique.

But if they do say something, focus on that and make sure you’re technique is on point.

Sometimes (especially for resistance exercises) you may not feel you are working as hard.

Yet if your technique is spot on, you will be working your body the hardest and making the best progression.

This way you can maximise the result you get from each rep.

Work at your best

I know I was saying earlier about beating someone else.

As good as this may be for keeping you motivated, you don’t always need to even pay attention to anyone else.

Sometimes, you just need to do you.

Maybe you can’t do a full press up.

It could be that you struggle to go as deep in a squat.

Whatever it is, someone is probably doing it slightly better.

But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you are doing your best.

Even if they are managing to do full press ups but they don’t bother doing as many as they can, while you are there pushing out every last rep…’ll benefit more.

3) Take it home with you

Are you really making the most of the exercise classes?

If you go home every other evening of the week and lay around on the sofa, you’re not taking advantage of the classes you are going to.

Instead, you should take it home with you

Listen and Learn

When you are doing all these exercises, circuits and workouts, why don’t you take advantage?

Don’t just do them in the class, take them home with you.

Make sure you are listening and learning, not only to improve your technique but also so you are able to workout at home too.

One of the biggest parts of boosting your exercise class success is putting in the work.

If you take the exercises and sessions home with you, you can put in even more work.

Doing 2 sessions a week is going to beat doing 1.

And doing more is even better.

Even if you just copy practically the same workout and do it in on a weekend or split it up into a few 20-minute workouts through the week.

Putting in that little bit of extra effort will mean you’re making progress in and out of the classes.

That means you’re going to get better results sooner.

Change your Eating

The fact is, what you eat affects how well you perform and massively affects how well you can lose weight.

If you start exercising but then start eating more as well, that means you might struggle to lose weight.

Improving what you eat is going to help you lose more weight which is also going to help you perform better in the classes.

If you struggle with press ups, think how much easier they would be if you had less weight to lift.

And that’s the same with any exercise.

There is only so much exercise you can do, but there are a lot of opportunities (breakfast, lunch and tea) to improve what you eat.

Exercise Class Success

Overall, your exercise class success relies on you!

Firstly are you actually going to start an exercise class and commit to regular exercise?

When you get there are you then going to work at your best and push yourself to progress?

Then will you put in the work outside of the class and push yourself to make even more progress?

All these things are what eventually add up to exercise class success.

Exercise Class Success