It can be a struggle to eat right when there are so many other, more tempting, options available.

So, we need to start at the source…

…the supermarket.

You’re not going to eat as much rubbish if you don’t buy it in the first place.

So, fill your shopping basket with foods which will aid your fat loss, instead of the foods which make you struggle.

It might even surprise you that the foods we want to be buying aren’t necessarily ‘diet’ or ‘low-calorie’ foods.

Instead, they are just healthy, natural foods which will help you lose weight.

Yes, the will help you with fat loss, but they are not miracle foods.

I’m not going to try sell you any kind of fad ways of losing weight such as drinking a cup of apple cider vinegar or by having weight loss (starvation) shakes.

But by buying whole foods which are usually naturally low in calories, you can have increased energy and lose weight, all while still enjoying what you eat and not feeling hungry.

So, here is what you need in your fat loss shopping basket.

Fat Loss Shopping Basket


These should be the first things you buy when you’re shopping.

Vegetables are great for weight loss as they fill you up, provide tons of vitamins and minerals and are very low in calories.

Stocking up on loads of vegetables means you can create a variety of different meals which means you won’t get bored of what you eat.

All vegetables are fine and should be added to your fat loss shopping basket.


To create your fat loss meals, we need to fill your shopping basket with foods full of protein too.

Protein is essential for maintaining your muscle (meaning you stay lean) and is great at filling us up to reduce snacking.

Ideally, you need to be eating a portion of protein with every meal.

Lean sources of protein are perfect such as:

  • chicken

  • beef

  • lean mince

  • steak

  • eggs

Other meats are fine too but if you really want to maximise your fat loss, then fattier cuts are not as helpful.


Carbohydrates sometimes make up part of your meal for example in spaghetti bolognese and sandwiches, carbs are the biggest part.

Carbs are not evil either, despite what most people on Facebook and Instagram try to tell you.

They are, however, very easy to overeat, which means they can cause us to gain weight from the excess calories.

So, we need to choose the best kinds of carbs.

When buying anything like bread, rice or pasta, try get wholemeal variations.

These are usually higher in fibre which is great for your heart health, plus makes you feel fuller, so you don’t need to eat so much.


Just like vegetables, fruit is great to fill your shopping basket with as well.

It is brilliant to have around to snack on, since it stops you eating worse foods.

Also, fruit is low in calories and is full of vitamins and minerals.

Grab some fruit you like for a little sweet treat, which can also help reduce any sugar cravings you may be having.


If you’re looking to add a bit of extra flavour to your food, sauce can be the way to go.

However, try aim for variations with lower sugar contents.

Also, the calories from sauce quickly adds up, so try only use about a tablespoon’s worth to minimise calories.

Also, if you can swap high-fat sauces such as mayo for a lighter alternative that will help.


Avoiding any other drink than water is the simplest way to maximise weight loss.

However, that can make for a pretty boring life.

So instead, try limit the amount of other drinks you have and increase your water intake.

If you buy any fizzy drinks or squash, try get diet versions to minimise the amount of sugar and calories in them.

Also, if your fancying an alcoholic drink, go for spirits such as gin or vodka and mix them with diet fizzy drinks.

They are much less calorific than drinks such as beer or cider.

Avoid lots of fruit juice as it is very sugary and doesn’t contain the fibre whole fruit does.

Drinks can be very misleading as they don’t really fill us up, but they can be full of hidden calories which quickly add up.


Look, I understand trying to eat healthy isn’t always as much fun as enjoying chocolate, sweets and crisps.

But there is no need to completely give up all these things.

Instead, we need to not eat them as much as they are usually very high in calories.

If you choose not to buy any, that will make it much easier to resist eating them when your chilling on an evening.

However, if you do buy some, try buy one at a time or small packs.

That way you can only have one or two rather than demolishing a pack of 10.

You need to enjoy what you eat, just make sure you don’t go overboard.

Fill your fat loss shopping basket

Now you should know what the best things are to put in your shopping basket to help with your fat loss.

It is quite simple, but I know it is easy to get distracted by attractive looking treats and quick and easy microwave meals.

Yet eating whole foods and trying to incorporate plenty of meat and veg into your diet is only going to help you –

  • lose weight

  • have more energy

  • and increase your general health

A lot of people try to eat healthily to look good.

But it will also make you feel good and do wonders for your body.

Plus, it never has to be boring either.

You can enjoy a variety of food and just avoid pre-packaged meals which instantly will reduce the number of calories you eat…

…which in turn, will aid your fat loss.

You need to enjoy what you eat, otherwise you will get bored.

But you just need to make the good whole foods you buy, into interesting and exciting meals without overloading on calories.

That way, you will keep eating healthily and fat loss will become much easier.

Fat Loss Shopping Basket