When you stop seeing progress, that is when it is hard to keep going.

You lose that motivation of getting the results you need, and the hard work no longer seems worth it.

But are you still getting fitter without any movement on the scales?

What we weigh is not the only sign of progress.

You can still be improving your health and getting better without the pounds budging.

Fat Loss doesn’t equal weight loss

Even if you’re not losing weight, you could end up fitting in smaller clothes and looking better.

That’s because fat loss is not the same as weight loss.

You could still be getting fitter and the scales may not budge.

Yet if you lose 2 pounds of fat and gain 2 pounds of muscle, the scales will stay the same.

However, you will look and feel better.

So, don’t just judge your performance by your weight.

Instead of just using what our bodies weigh to see if we are getting fitter, what can we use instead?

Well I’m going to give you some different ways of seeing how you’re making progress which you might not always notice straight away.

You have more energy

Even if the weight loss has slowed down or come to a stop, you may still notice increased energy levels.

This is one of the greatest bits about getting fitter.

You wake up feeling refreshed and can survive the day with much less yawning and feeling tired.

If you’re noticing your energy levels going up, then you are still getting fitter without any movement on the scales.

Also, exercising will help you sleep better.

No more restless nights and much more energy during the day is a recipe for feeling better in yourself, which is what it is all about in the end.

Your clothes fit differently

As I said above, fat loss doesn’t equal weight loss.
If you’re not seeing the pounds dropping off anymore then check for changes in what you are wearing.

When you start needing a belt for your jeans, or your t-shirts feel looser then you should know that you are making progress.

Even if the scales aren’t changing, your body is.

It is always easy to see these changes since they are so gradual yet taking photos or measuring your body with a measuring tape can help show you how you are still changing.

The scales are not the only way to see how you’re getting fitter.

So, try using different forms of measuring yourself to see the progress you are making, even if it’s without any movement on the scales.

You can do more

An obvious way to see whether you are getting fitter is if you can do more.

Plenty of people will see improvements in what they can do when they are regularly exercising.

Did you really struggle with press-ups but can now do a full 10 reps?

That’s progress without your weight changing.

Can plank for 30 seconds instead of 10?

You are still getting fitter without any movement on the scales.

More confidence and increased strength mean you can do more, and you become better at exercising.

There is no need for weight loss to see this kind of progress.

Instead notice how hard you can now work and see the difference between when you started and now.

Are the scales redundant

Yes, you can still get fitter without the scales, so are they not necessary?

That’s not the case.

The scales are the main way most people know how to measure their progress, plus it is one of the easiest to use and check.

You just need to understand they are not the be all and end all.

They are one of many ways of seeing your progress.

And if you stop seeing them move, you can still see how you are making progress using the methods above.

Don’t give up with the scales, just know they don’t always need to be moving for you to be getting fitter.

getting fitter without movement on the scales