Everyone Struggles with understanding food

Everyone struggles with eating what’s best for them.

Probably the main reason being is that there are so many nice, but unhealthy foods out there which mean it’s easier to eat bad food than it is to eat good food.

Now I don’t often like to use the phrases good and bad food.

Yet some foods will get us-

  • closer to our goals

  • improve our health

  • help our bodies function well

Whereas the others will do the opposite, when not eaten in moderation.

The benefits of healthy eating far can be huge, but we need to know how to eat healthily and keep it up.

What is healthy eating?

The next main problem we struggle to eat well is we don’t quite understand exactly what ‘healthy eating’ is.

So, I have created this guide to easily improve what you eat.

All the shops advertise products as ‘free from…’, ‘low-fat’, ‘low sugar’ and every other possible combination of words to make it sound better for us.

Yet do these make a difference?

Well, it’s all in my free guide which you can get here >>Get Free Guide<<

But first I’ll give you a couple of helpful pointers on what to watch out for while your shopping at the supermarket.

Lots of ‘healthy’ foods aren’t that healthy

There are all kinds of ways of marketing food to make sure it sounds better than it is.

Low-fat, low-sugar, healthy alternative, part of a balanced diet.

These are all phrases we hear thrown around and that we probably believe in when shopping to improve our diets.

The health foods are easily confused with foods that aren’t that great.

The best way to make sure these claims are true is to check the label because…

The phrases don’t mean what they say

Low-fat usually means that its higher in sugar, which isn’t always a healthier trade-off.

Low-sugar usually means that it is higher in fat, which is the opposite of above.

A healthy alternative (usually breakfast biscuits/ cereal bars) don’t mean they are the perfect replacement for an actual breakfast which is full of good foods.

Part of a balanced diet could be anything…

…you can eat chocolate as part of a balanced diet, doesn’t mean it is the best thing to be eating.

Note: I am not saying these foods are evil or should never be eaten.

Just be aware that these foods are marketed in this way to sell more of them.

Want to know foods that are naturally low in fat, sugar, salt and everything else we are warned about?

Fresh vegetables and meat (yes meat can contain higher levels of fat but not added fat).

So one quick tip is to get rid of the packaged food and the ready meals and make food yourself.

Portion Sizes

You need to look out for portion sizes.

These tell you what nutrition will be gained from the food per serving.

Yet do you eat a serving?

It is very easy to eat more than one, and possibly two or three, servings of many of our favourite foods.

That means our calorific intake will have increased and therefore, could lead us to gain weight (or just keep struggling to lose it).

Cut your portion sizes

Some general advice to lose weight could be to cut down your portion sizes and that would work.

However, if you are eating high-calorie foods which don’t fill you up much, then you’ll start to get hungry if you eat less.

Instead, the solution is to eat more high-volume foods, which are lower in calories.

That way you are technically eating less (calories) but not getting hungry through having a good diet.

Guess what a good example of high volume, low-calorie foods are…

…meat and vegetables.

Take Action

So my 3 action points from the post are as follows.

1. Check the labels and eat more meat and vegetables.

2. Look out for portion sizes and eat more meat and vegetables

3. Check out my free ‘Food Label Training Guide’ here.

Yes, it sounds too simple to be true.

So why aren’t you doing it?

Like it?

I hope you found some useful advice in this post and if you are interested in learning more about why we should eat more meat and vegetables, plus learn how to read food labels and understand what they mean and what you should be looking for, check out my free guide below.

You can download it and take it to the supermarket with you to help you make better choices when shopping.

I want to make healthy eating easy and not sell products or ideas or dreams which make it seem difficult unless you spend money on them.

It can be easy when you understand and have the know how.

Healthy Eating Food Label Training Guide