Sometimes it’s not all just going to fall into place and be perfect.

Everyone is busy and always have things to do.

Yet we all have the same amount of time and resources every week.

It is just how about how resourceful you can be.

Being Resourceful

We all have very similar resources.

Energy, time and money.

Whether we start off at the same level or your completely different, what matters more is how you use all these things.


Money can be a big excuse as to why people can’t stay fit.

  • “I can’t afford the gym”

  • “Healthy food is too expensive”

Yet often money is being spent elsewhere on things that aren’t helping you reach your goals.


People also use no energy as an excuse not to exercise.

However, it shouldn’t be an excuse as it is actually a result of no exercise.

If you aren’t physically active and don’t eat quality food, you will end up with low energy levels and feeling tired.


Time is one of the biggest problems/ excuses people have with not exercising and having a healthy diet.

If you are busy and don’t have the time, how can you fit in:

  • An hour-long workout

  • Preparing all your meals

  • Having time to go to the gym

But lack of time is not the problem, the use of it is.

Make the most of the 365 days

Ok so maybe making progress 365 days of the year is a bit over the top.

But with some of these tips, it can improve your lifestyle which you live all year round.

If it helps you make better food choices, that could boost your progress every day.

So what can we start doing to maximise our progress and make the most of every day of the year?

What are some easy ways to burn more calories?

Use your time wisely

Everyone’s life can get busy.

But is it full of things you should be doing?

It can be very easy to ‘be busy’ when you start a new Netflix series.

Yet exercise doesn’t always get the same kind of treatment.

You need to start using your time to reach your goals.

If you don’t have time for a 30-minute workout, why not do three 10-minute workouts.

There are plenty of sneaky ways to fit in a workout.

Whether it be:

  • Fitting in a short walk on your lunch break

  • Waking up 10 minutes earlier to do a quick HIIT session

  • Jog during the adverts when watching TV (doesn’t work with BBC)

Or even just sacrifice some Facebook scrolling for some exercise videos on YouTube.

Use your time wisely and make more progress.

Get the most out of everything

Whatever you are doing you can alter it a little to get the most out of it.

This is where being resourceful really comes in.

Whatever you are doing, try making it a little harder and more intense.

When you are cleaning the house, be more vigorous and even incorporate some lunges (playing ‘I Want to Break Free’ also helps).

Set a stationary bike up in front of the telly and enjoy your leisure time while burning fat.

If you have a chore to get out of the way, you could walk there and kill two birds with one stone.

Even just fidgeting while at your desk by tapping your feet or shifting your bodyweight while standing in a queue can burn extra calories.

Getting in these mini workouts will help you maximise weight loss and get the most out of everything you do, 365 days of the year.

Make your money go further

I completely understand.

Paying for the gym, on top of all your other bills is not cheap.

Well, do you even need a gym?

Why not spend a few pounds on a resistance band and a exercise mat.

That could be all you need, along with bodyweight exercises, to help you lose weight and improve your health.

Also, instead of spending your money on meal deals and takeaways, you could actually save money eating more healthily.

Vegetables are really cheap and are the best thing for you to be eating to improve your nutrition and reducing calories.

People always think lean meat is expensive.

However, if you can buy less than 5% fat mince for under £4 for 4/5 servings that's actually cheaper than having 5 pot noodles.

So you are feeding yourself and your family better food for less.

This will keep you much fuller than a pot noodle so will help reduce snacking.

Gain more knowledge

It’s quite simple…

...the more you know (and put into action) the easier you will find it to make progress.

Spend some time reading fitness blogs (like this one) and even watching workout videos to see what you could be doing in your spare time.

If you learn that big muscle groups, like your legs, burn the most calories it can help you understand that squats will probably help more than endless crunches.

Once you improve your understanding of weight loss, you can start to use this knowledge to make more progress every day.

Get Committed

Let’s be completely honest.

If you aren’t committed, you are not going to put the work in each and every day.

So at some point, to make as much progress as possible, you have to put in 100%.

This is possibly the hardest bit but is also the one that will make the most difference.

If you are not committed the weekends and nights out can rule your life and slow your progress.

Getting committed means not letting anything stop you.

  • If you go out, be the designated driver and skip the kebab at 2 am.

  • Over the weekend keep physically active and cook healthy filling meals at home instead of going out.

  • Ignore the cake and chocolate during a birthday fuddle at work

It is not going to be the easiest or the most fun.

But once you’re committed your results will show it.

It does take some sacrifice which may not be appealing…

...however, think about how you could currently be sacrificing parts of your life staying the way you are?

Be resourceful and make progress 365 days of the year

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to be resourceful and boost the progress you make every day.

No matter whether you are busy and don’t have any more time to commit to exercise, you can make these simple changes and improve your lifestyle.

Just fit them in around what you currently do and maybe make some small sacrifices for some long-term improvements.