Have you ever thought about whether exercise actually helps you?

Everyone tells us that we need to exercise more, but why?

What does it do?

Well, I thought I would write the best reasons to start exercising right now so that you understand what exercise does for our bodies and why you’ll want to start up straight away.

Let’s find out the best reasons to start exercising so you know how good it is for you and why you’ll want to start.

4 Best Reasons to Start Exercising

1 – Our bodies adapt

Well to start off, what does exercise actually do to our bodies?

Exercise is a way to put our bodies, our hearts, lungs and muscles, under stress.

Now, stress is usually seen as a bad thing, yet in this case, that isn’t true.

Putting our bodies under stress actually means we are pushing them outside their comfort zone…

…which is the best place to be to make improvements.

If your body never works harder than what it is used to, then it will never get better at doing those things.

When our body works hard it starts to adapt.

Through these adaptations, our muscles grow and our hearts get stronger.

Guess what?

That makes things easier.

If you never exercised a day in your life, when you start it will be tough.

Yet then, after some weeks of exercising and pushing your body further than normal, you will notice some changes.

  • Those stairs don’t get you as out of breath

  • You feel more mobile and have more energy

  • The workouts get easier

Most things you do every day in your life get that bit easier.

That alone should convince you that exercise is worthwhile and provides amazing results, much more than just a tool to lose weight.

2 – Natural Mood Boost

After exercising, your body starts to release endorphins which are a natural mood booster.

These happy hormones are released and give you a sense of pleasure and achievement.

So, it's true that exercise makes you feel good.

In fact, it produces a similar effect to that of taking drugs, but without the side-effects.

Not producing enough endorphins can also be a sign of mental illness and exercise can help reverse this.

It has even been used as a tool to help reduce depression.

No matter how much you may think exercise isn’t that great, you can’t help but feel better after it.

3 - Improved Health and Fitness

An obvious reason to start exercising is the health benefits.

Feeling fitter and healthier alone can be a great feeling and give you more confidence and energy every day.

Yet exercising really can help us live longer, healthier lives.

As we said earlier, through exercise our hearts get stronger.

That means there is less chance of any heart-related illnesses occurring.

It also –

  • reduces cholesterol levels

  • reduces blood pressure

  • improves mobility

  • and so much more

So not only does feeling healthier give us a reason to start exercising but actually being healthier is another huge benefit.

There are so many different exercises which can boost your fitness and you can start them today.

4 – Weight Loss through exercise

I’ve left this one until last because it is the one everyone thinks of first.

Of course, if we are eating correctly, exercise is a great way of helping us shed a few extra pounds.

Regular exercise means our body is doing more work and so is burning more calories.

That means that we will start to lose weight.

Again, this is great for our health and it’s most people’s number one reason to start exercising.

Not only does it help us lose weight but it helps us build muscle so when the fat comes off, we aren’t still soft underneath.

Exercise helps tone up our stomachs and reduce the bingo wings.

So not only does it help us lose weight, it helps us build muscle so we feel great…

…which gives us more confidence.

This is the main benefit people think about and it is an obvious reason to start exercising.

More Reasons to Start Exercising

Of course, there are more reasons to start exercising but these are the 4 best reasons.

Exercise really is the only way to achieve all these things-

  • improve your health

  • increase mobility

  • build muscle

  • burn fat

  • make you feel great

So why aren’t you doing any?

It can take just a small commitment such as an exercise class or a brisk walk each evening.

Whatever it is, it is going to help you in almost every area of your life.

Exercise affects your body in so many good ways that it is essential for everyone to do it regularly throughout the week.

Start today and start reaping the benefits.

Reasons to start exercising