We all know we need to do exercise. But what is stopping us? It’s a key part of losing weight and can greatly improve our health and fitness.

So why aren’t we doing it?

Do what you love!

1) You don’t choose an activity you enjoy

When you want to start losing weight, a lot of people assume that the best way to drop the pounds is through jogging. This is kind of the standard exercise we think of to lose weight. Pictured on films as the overweight person running and sweating but eventually reaching their goals.

Yes this definitely is a great way to lose weight.

But not necessarily for you.

If you don’t enjoy running or you feel embarrassed being seen running on the street then you’re not likely to keep it up. You may go running once or twice and then give up because it isn’t something you want to do.

Instead, find something you do enjoy.

You could go for a bike ride, go to the gym, play sport such as football or rugby or even just go for long walks. It doesn’t have to be something you find difficult and don’t enjoy. Make it something that you will keep doing regularly and won’t be trying to think up lots of excuses of why you can’t do it.

Exercise should be enjoyable, because that is the only way you will consistently keep doing it, which will be key in losing the weight and keeping it off.

There's no need for the tough grind.

2) Its too much hard work

If you don’t want to be laying in a puddle of your own sweat after you have been exercising that’s fine. There is no need to be aching for days afterwards either. You can work at an intensity you are comfortable at.

Stationary bikes are great for this. You could be the red faced person, legs spinning like a cartoon character or you could be gently pedalling as if on a nice day out.

However, you could go for a jog or a stroll, a huge weights session or an aerobics class.

It’s up to you how you work. If you are just starting up exercise again after a gap, you would be best starting off at a lower intensity as to gradually ease your body back into regular exercise.

Just know that if you aren’t working as hard as you could be, you will have to exercise for longer to achieve the same result.

But working at your own pace is best. There is no point pushing yourself too far and then aching for days afterwards and never doing it again. Start of steady and build up.

No money no problem!

3) You don’t want to spend time and money on a gym membership

If there isn’t a gym that close to you, or the price is a little steep, this won’t affect how you can lose weight. Not all exercise needs to be done at the gym.

In fact a lot of it doesn’t need a gym at all.

There are a huge variety of bodyweight exercises which can work every muscle in your body. Squats, press-ups, lunges, crunches and the dreaded burpees are all brilliant for toning the muscle and can be used to burn calories and lose weight.

And there is no equipment needed.

Plus you can easily go outside and exercise. Going for a bike ride, a jog or walk are all great ways of keeping your activities levels high and burning extra calories.

There is no need to spend any extra money to lose weight. You have all the equipment you need with your own body.

Don’t overdo it!

4) You have tried before

We have all tried to do our best to exercise before and it didn’t work out. But I bet many of the reasons have know been covered so you’ll have to give it another go with this new knowledge.

Make sure that you don’t start off with too much.

Planning to go from no exercise to jogging five days per week is going to be a huge change and may cause you to stop again.

Instead, start jogging one day per week. You’re still doing more exercise than you were before, so it’s an improvement. Once you no longer find this to be a problem and it becomes part of your routine, start exercising on another day as well. Now you’re exercising twice a week.

Slowly build it up as you feel comfortable.

Starting off with a full schedule of exercise almost every day of the week is going to be daunting and when you start missing the exercise you have scheduled you may feel like you have failed, so give up completely.

Instead just start off with once a week and build it up from there. If you start seeing weight loss, that’s brilliant. If not, get used to it and start exercising on another day as well.

Add it to your day.

5) You don’t have time

So we’ve saved the best excuse until last. Everyone suffers from lack of time due to one thing or another. But often we are actually lying to ourselves and could make time if we wanted to.

Spend an hour watching TV on an evening? That is time you could be burning calories and starting your weight loss.

You could even exercise in front of the telly.

It is about adding exercise to your daily lifestyle.

Park slightly further away from work so you have to walk that little bit further. Use the stairs instead of the lifts. Take the kids out and join in with their games.

Any extra activity where you are slightly more breathless than normal is exercise and is helping you burn extra calories to fuel your weight loss.

You don’t always have to make time for exercise, but make sure you are doing more throughout the day in some way or another and you will be burning more calories, which will help with losing weight.

why do we avoid exercise and be lazy