Want to learn the reasons you probably find it hard to resist temptation and how you can reduce your cravings?

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You skip breakfast

They always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This may not be completely true but it can definitely help your weight loss.

You may not feel hungry enough on a morning to have breakfast, but this means later in the day you will be hungry and wanting to indulge. Having breakfast will reduce your cravings for high calorie snacks late in the day.

Make sure this is a healthy breakfast mind you. There is no point avoiding having a packet of crisps later if you are going to eat two bowls of chocolate coated cereals for breakfast.

Having some protein in your breakfast will also help with keeping you feeling full and is great for boosting our metabolism. Having some protein in your breakfast could be in the form of 2 eggs on toast, porridge oats sprinkled with nuts, an omelette or wholegrain cereal with milk.

They are lurking in your cupboards

Want to know one of the easiest ways to reduce cravings?

Don’t have the foods you crave around you!

If you fill your drawers at work with chocolate bars and packets of crisps you will see them all the time. As soon as you feel even slightly hungry you will start snacking because they are right there. If they weren’t there, you would probably wait for lunch. But because you see them regularly and know they are there, your brain automatically wants them.

It’s the same at home. You know that you have all those sweets in your cupboard so you immediately want some when you see them or think about having a snack.

So, if they weren’t around, you would be much less likely to have them. Imagine watching TV at 10o’clock in the evening. Suddenly you want a sweet treat. Guess what? You have none in, so you’ll have to go to the shops. Then you’ll probably realise you’re actually not that bothered about having anything.

Nothing to do but eat

Often when we are bored, we sit scrolling through social media or watching the telly. You’ll often see delicious food and it will get you in the mood for some yourself. But really, you probably aren’t even hungry. It’s just something else to do to occupy your mind for a while.

So instead of getting up and going to the cupboards to see what you can find to snack on, try going for a walk. Doing something else will probably distract your mind so you forget about your cravings and don’t feel like you need anything. Plus, if you do go for a walk, you’re doing more exercise than you would have done.

You overindulge

If you do decide to treat yourself and enjoy a bar of chocolate or some of your favourite sweets (which is fine), you probably have too much.

If you wanted to have some chocolate brownie, you’d maybe have two pieces, whereas all you really needed was half of one. Research on students have shown that when they were given a small snack-sized portion of chocolate, crisps, cakes or sweets, they often felt as satisfied as those who were given a larger serving. Therefore, they were eating less calories and still feeling as if they had satisfied their cravings.

So, you should get a small amount, eat it and enjoy it, then carry on with your day and the craving will subside.

You don’t pair them with healthy foods

If you decide you are going to have a treat, you often just eat the bad food. If you are desperate for chips, you might decide to have fish and chips. Instead, why not include the food you are craving, in with your regular, healthy meals?

So instead of greasy fish and chips from a fish shop, enjoy a small portion of oven chips, but along with salmon and salad. You’re still satisfying your cravings but without them taking over and having a large impact on how many calories you consume.

You’re dieting

If you’re dieting that should mean you’re going to stop having treats. This may not be the case. When we try ban them from our lives it makes us want them so much more. It has been shown that people who are dieting, have more temptation to eat sweet treats against those who are maintaining their weight and don’t mind sometimes indulging.

This shows we need to make some room in our diet for the treats and snacks that we want. But they must be controlled and planned. This will stop you from starting a chocolate bar and ending up eating a multipack. But since they are no longer forbidden you aren’t going to have to crave them and end up feeling guilty.

You can enjoy treats but use the points above to make sure that you don’t have too much and that you include it with eating healthier foods too.

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