If your goal is to lose weight, snaccident’s won’t help.

We have all been a victim of mindless eating.

That point when you reach for a bag of crisps or some chocolate because…

...you’re feeling tired.

...you are feeling sad.

... you’ve sat down to watch TV.

Whatever the reason, we have all done it.

So what can we do to minimise the chance or completely stop yourself having a snaccident?

Close the Kitchen

I would take a guess and say most people eat the most rubbish later at night.

The snaccident’s usually happen in the evening, once you're relaxed in front of the telly.

So why not cut your chances of feeding yourself crisps and chocolate and close the kitchen.

Decide that after 7 pm you can’t go back in.

That should stop you helping yourself to everything in the fridge and cupboards.

Put the Food away

Food left out on the side?

Chances are you are going to pick it up on your way past.

Anything that is left out, you are instantly going to want to nibble on each time you walk past.

Even if you don’t really want it!

It will just be the fact that it’s there, so you keep eating without thinking about it.

Think about a tin of Pringles (everyone knows once you pop you can’t stop).

But if you left half of the tin out in a dish and hid the rest away, how many would get eaten?

Only half the tin.

It’s a simple example but if it isn’t in front of you, you are less likely to eat it.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Serve it Up

It is all well and good having smaller plates to try to help you eat less.

But smaller plates at an all-you-can-eat buffet are not going to help.

When making a meal, try to serve it up into portions and keep any leftovers for a later date.

Don’t leave it all on the table so everyone can serve themselves.

That’s the point when we eat more than we need and keep going even when we don’t even want any more.

So don’t just ‘help yourself’.

Instead, give yourself a set portion and don’t keep eating, even if there is some left.

Healthy Shopping

If you struggle to resist the temptation when the cupboards are full of goodies…

...don’t get them in the first place.

Get off to the best start by not buying the treats and so reduce the risk of you having a snaccident.

Fill your fat loss shopping basket with meat and veg to make hunger beating meals.

Also get some better snacks, such as fruit or yoghurt so you can have something when you are craving food, but minus some of the extra calories.

Stop yourself having a snaccident