The summer holidays are quickly approaching and I’m sure many of you are looking for dropping a bit of weight and be a little more confident in your swimwear.

But most people leave it too late.

The 2 week diets and exercise plans don’t work that well.

And losing 10lbs+ in that time is just a fantasy.

So instead, get started now and have over 3 months to get ready for July.

Think of all the BBQ’s, hot tubs and lazing around by the pool.

It’s definitely the best time of the year and all the more reason to get in shape (while improving your health).

But don’t leave it too late to get started, or that summer body will become just a dream.

Change your eating

The first, and most important, step in losing weight and getting your summer body is eating right.

You can exercise all you want but if you’re still eating too much, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

And unfortunately there isn’t a perfect weight loss breakfast, lunch or tea.

Getting your food choices dialled in to cut out any excess calories is going to help you lose weight, without too much work.

Think about how much you exercise… think about how much you eat!

There is a big difference.

So if you start exercising 3 times a week, it won’t make as much difference as eating right 3 times a day (21 times a week).

So what quick ways can we change our diet to help us reduce calories without feeling hungry?

Get more greens

Well they don’t have to be green.

A variety of fruit and vegetables can be added to any meal which means there is less room for food high in calories.

It is also very filling so even though you are eating less calories, you could be eating more food.

Protein Power

Adding extra protein to your meals is going to fill you up (just like veg).

Lean sources of protein are perfect as they don’t contain much fat…

...and they taste great too.

Cut out the bad stuff

The crazy 8-day diets and 2-week drop a stone programs won’t work.

And one of the reasons is because the amount of food you’re not allowed to eat outweighs the food you are allowed to eat.

As soon as you’re told you can’t eat something, you immediately want to shove as much of it in your face as possible (e.g. chocolate, wine gums, pringles etc).

So what we want to do is minimise eating the things we know we shouldn’t.

It would be hard to not eat any of these “bad” foods for over 3 months.

Instead, just try to minimise the rubbish you eat.

  • Less takeaways

  • Less sweets and treats

  • Avoid meal deals/ microwave meals

Generally avoid the stuff you know you shouldn’t eat.

If it comes down to it and you eat a snickers your diet isn’t ruined!

It’s when you don’t allow yourself to have anything you enjoy and you find it too hard, give up and then eat 4 snickers a day…

...for the next 2 weeks.

That’s going to make it much harder than sometimes allowing yourself to enjoy a treat.

So eat less bad foods, but also don’t completely remove them from your life.

Get moving more

Don’t worry, I get it.

Going to the gym every other day (or even once) isn’t everyone’s dream come true.

It can be intimidating, boring and difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you should be doing.

So why not keep it simple?

Moving more is going to burn more calories and so help you get that summer body quicker.

More everyday movement

To get yourself more active and to help you lose weight with exercise, we can just start doing more everyday movement.

If park near work everyday, park slightly further away.

This extra 3 minute walk each way adds up to 30 minutes of extra activity per week.

Imagine if you also did this with -

  • A 2 minute walk up the stairs instead of the lift

  • Going for a 5 minute walk at lunch

  • Do house work for 10 minutes when you get home

If you did all these things, just Monday to Friday, it would add up to about 2 hours of extra activity.

It may not be hugely strenuous, but it’s more than doing nothing!

At 200+ calories burned per hour, an extra 400+ calories burned per week can be easy.

Resistance Training

At some point in on your path to getting that summer bod, your going to need to do some weight training.

Now don’t be put off by this.

It doesn’t mean you have to start throwing massive weights around and growing massive muscles.

You can do simple bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges and press ups.

I’m sure their are local exercise classes in your area.

These can be a great way to enjoy exercise and get help with what you should be doing, instead of just spending 20 minutes on a treadmill.

Having someone who knows what you should be doing will help tone your muscles, so as you’re burning fat, you will start looking leaner too.

Even youtube videos or online programs are perfect for getting a quick workout in.

If they use your body weight, they should help you…

...burn more calories.

...tone your muscles.

...and make you leaner.

And when this can be done in the comfort of your own home, it makes it even easier (and means you have less excuses).

There are so many options for you which can help you get into exercise and start burning more fat while building your muscle to look more toned and lean.

All of this will help you get that summer body you are wanting.

Start Working towards your Summer Body

This may seem too simple, but it’s all you need to do.

Eat better. Move more.

Follow the guidelines above and you will get there.
Start now and give yourself enough time.

Just think back to when you made those New Year's Resolutions doesn’t seem that long ago.

And that’s how far we are from summer right now.

A realistic weight loss goal for the summer is 10-14lbs.

If you want to lose a stone, you need to get started ASAP.

Wanting to lose more?

You can try, but really you should have started earlier.

I don’t say that’s to put you off.

You just have to manage your expectations!

The fake diets and body transformations that promise rapid weight loss don’t work.

Instead, get started, do as much as you can for the summer and then keep it going.

Next summer will be perfect (if you keep it up).

Get started with a sustainable approach now, which you can keep up for ever, and have a beach body every year.

Your Summer Body

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