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Food for Thought #10 - Meal Timings


Food for Thought #10 - Meal Timings

How many meals per day?

If you are wondering how many meals you should eat per day, there is no right answer. If you are wanting to lose weight the main thing you need is to be in a calorie deficit. However, this can be achieved by eating more or less meals per day depending upon individual preference. If you have more meals per day, portion control is required to limit the calorie intake. Eating more meals than the standard breakfast, lunch and tea can help keep metabolism high throughout the day. Also, it can help maintain blood glucose levels, meaning insulin levels don't rise suddenly which causes fat to be stored. 

This means if you can control your meal portions then having more meals per day can be a good way to lose weight. Instead of getting hungry between meals and snacking on junk being the easy option, why not have more meals therefore replacing the junk food snacks. If you plan to have 5 smaller meals rather than 3 large meals and snacks, this will reduce your calorific intake. 

However, some people may find it easier to have 3 large meals because it takes less preparation. Also, they may overindulge at each meal if eating more meals per day, which would then increase their calorific intake. 

When to eat

There is lots of controversy over when to eat or when not to eat. Your occupation and schedule can restrict when you eat, therefore timings are different for each individual due to this. 

Many people talk about whether they should have breakfast. There are pros and cons to both. Exercising while being fasted can help increase the calorie deficit at the stat of the day and put them in the right mental state. But this can also have a negative effect as you may not be able to train as hard due to lack of energy therefore you can't burn as many calories as a result. So, this is down to your personal preference and training regime. 

People say not to eat after 7pm since it can be detrimental to weight loss. This is not necessarily true. If you don't finish work until late then you would have to eat after 7pm. However, it could help some people who are prone to snacking on a night while watching TV. If they know they cannot eat after 7pm, they will restrain from eating until breakfast the following day. 

Overall, there isn't a best time to eat your meals. Just ensure they are healthy, nutritious and include a source of protein.

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