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Exercise while Expecting


Exercise while Expecting

The latest post I’ve worked with WonderfulChaos on.

Perfect for any mum’s to be or any new mum’s.

This post is all about how to exercise while expecting.

Luckily I am trained in pre & post natal exercise meaning I can give sound, safe advice on what you can and can’t do while pregnant.

And it may not feel like it sometimes, but exercise is one of the best things you can do to:

  • Improve your health

  • Improve the babies health

  • Make the pregnancy easier

  • and make it easier to get your pre-baby body back

Make sure you check this one out for all the knowledge on what you should and shouldn’t be doing.


6 Reasons You Should Join an Exercise Class


6 Reasons You Should Join an Exercise Class

Do you now about all the ways exercise classes can help you?

They aren’t just there to get you sweaty and tire you out.

They provide a great, cheap and fun way to get you exercising regularly.

Exercise is essential for weight loss and can help you in so many other ways too.

Yet going to the gym by yourself can be difficult as their isn’t much encouragement and motivation for you to go.

Also, if you manage to get their (rather than staying on the sofa) do you know what you should be doing to get results?


Then an exercise class is for you.

If you live in the East Ardsley check out the classes I currently run.

Check out my 6 reasons you should join an exercise class…