Most people lead busy lives. There is washing and cleaning to do, meals to make, children to look after and then you have to go out and waste time for 8 hours at this place called work.

How can you fit anymore in?

As you let your busy life rule you, you may not get chance to keep fit. This can end up leading to weight gain, obesity, diabetes and heart problems. But how can we fit any more in? We don’t have 3 hours spare to go to the gym, right?

How much time do you need?

People assume that you must spend a few hours every day in the gym to keep fit and stay in shape. Yet would you believe you could train for as little as 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week?

It is not necessary to spend more time at the gym. You do need to slowly increase how challenging the workout is but this doesn’t mean the amount of time you spend exercising has to go up. (Read about how to make progress here)

How easy would it be to add a 20-minute workout into your day? I bet everyone could do it. You could even just wake up 20 minutes earlier and start your day with it.

Social Media

The average person spends almost 2 hours on social media every day. You may not feel like this is you, but if you added up the 5 minutes here and the 20 minutes there it can end up taking up the rest of your free time.

Also, what is a lot of people’s social media full of? Bikini models and ripped men.

We would be much better off actually spending this time we spend browsing these half naked people actually exercising ourselves. If you want to look like them, or even just be slightly slimmer and feel better in your own body then we need to take action.

Get off the phone and spend your time more wisely doing something to get you closer to your goals.


Now we know how to make time to go and workout we know need to know how we can do shorter workouts but still reap the benefits of workout out for an hour or more.

Intensity is key in keeping a workout short but making sure it is still effective. Training styles like HIIT are great for doing a quick workout which really works you hard but means you can get it over with.

This type of training usually involves a work period where you go all out, then have a short rest and start again. Here is an example HIIT workout:

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Press Ups
  • Plank
  • Squats
  • Flutter Kicks

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and do it as fast as you can. Then rest for 15 seconds. After that rest move onto the next exercise. Go all the way through 3 times and that is 18 minutes. Trust me, if you put the effort in you will feel as if you have worked hard and you will get the results.

In-Home Training

Even when 20-minute workouts are available some people may still find it difficult to actually make it to the gym. Even to do a short workout it could take an hour if your travel time to the gym and back is 20 minutes each way.

This is why it is ideal to have be able to work out at home. There is a huge amount of equipment you can easily buy and store in your house. This makes it easy to have the resources available in your own home so you don’t need to go to a gym.

Kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands are small, affordable products you can buy so you can perform a huge variety of exercises in your own home. With these simple tools, knowledge, a well-made program and consistency, you can virtually achieve any goal you may have. All of them can be used to help burn fat, tone up and build strength. If you have them in your house, there is no need to travel to a gym. Also, it should help motivate you to use them as you will see them regularly and they are so easy to pick up and use. You could even workout in front of the TV.

Even if you don’t want to purchase any equipment, if you have enough space to lie down you can easily perform a huge number of bodyweight exercise. As with the example HIIT workout I gave above, bodyweight exercises can be used to help you lose weight and burn fat. They can also help you build strength and are great at helping you tone up.

In fact, I prescribe a lot of the clients I work with bodyweight exercises to help them tone up and lose weight. They are easy to learn and can be done anywhere, with no need for any equipment. They can be done as part of a circuit to maximise fat loss or can be used in a program to tone the muscle and build strength.

If you live in the Leeds/ Wakefield area and are interested in In-Home training contact me here. I will supply all the equipment needed and create a program catered for your goals and abilities. My in-home clients have the capability of being able to stay at home and I go to them. They have their home comforts and can feel comfortable since they are not in a gym environment. It also saves time travelling to and from the gym and means you don’t need any child care since you will still be around to look after them.